How my wife and I buy everything we want

Money, Politics, and Religion. The things you don’t discuss at the dinner table, with in-laws, or at family reunions.

However, all 3 are wildly important within the context of marriage (or those dating wanting to be married, or long-term partners, wherever you are).

In this piece, I’m specifically focusing on the topic of money.

It would be difficult for the average…

And no, this isn’t a joke. I made $30,000+ doing this

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a way to make a few extra bucks without having to do much work outside of your normal routine.

I think of it as strategic laziness. I love making more money for as little work as possible. …

(Disclaimer: This article is for dentists who take ownership in order to better themselves, the practice, and their teams. If you’re a whiner and complainer, then this isn’t for you!)

The best marketing is the experience. Period.

The experience that your dental office provides can make cheap feel luxurious. …

My first two years of writing I racked up ~20 articles.

The problem was that I only wrote when I had concrete ideas. I learned this was a poor method through some successful writers whose habit was to just sit and write.

It didn’t matter if they had an idea…

Money will be tight(er) in a post-COVID world. While there is no true way of knowing where the economy and unemployment will be 1, 3, and 12-months from now, it is safe to assume it will not be as it once was.

With that in mind, what is a small…

They Don’t Know What’s Best (Most of the Time)

Dentistry is an insanely attractive industry. Any given dental practice has massive earning potential, even in rural areas.

This creates a huge market for external digital marketing services at a premium price to dentists.

Websites are no different.

However, it doesn’t take much for a generic web developer to pivot…

There are varying statistics that track how many adults read just 1-book after high school and then after college.

Some say 40%, some say 27%, who cares. There are a lot of people that don’t read books.

In the professional world, reading books is one of the fastest and least…

The world is on pause, small businesses have it especially tough, who knows when it will end.

You know that already, everyone talks about that every day.

This article is about what happens when this is over, because it will be over sooner than later.

The pandemic isn’t going to last years.

Even though June (if you live in Virginia) seems like a long ways a way, to…

Are you ready to emerge victorious?

It’s Re-Opening Day.

Original opening day was special.

You launched your business after promoting and marketing it like crazy.

You turned the phones on and unlocked the doors and hoped that people came to see what the new XYZ123-Store in the area had to offer.

And the people did come, because you were…

Reflecting in Isolation

After working your way through everything Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ have to offer, it’s only Week-2 of Quarantine Time. It appears the end is not yet near.

Since there are ?-Weeks remaining, you are left with a seemingly unlimited amount of time to be alone with your thoughts.

Eventually, even…

Ethan Luke Thompson

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